If you’re looking for an exciting and informative speaker for your next event or fundraiser, consider having “Nique” speak.

Choose a single topic or a combination of all the topics. Nique engages the audience with her open and personal experiences, stories and knowledge. She even get’s the audience involved. Fun, sad, emotional, educational and 100% “Nique” honest.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana


 Nique will speak about her experiences with medical marijuana, as a cancer survivor as well as a nursing professional. She has consulted with leading industry experts on the subject and stays up to date on all the newest trends and medical benefits.  The Medical Marijuana field is a growing network of medical professionals and caregivers, and Nique is at the forefront of this important aspect of medicine.

Body Image and How it Affects Stress


Dealing with your stress about your body image is not easy and takes a dedicated support team and a solid plan of action by you to get help.  Nique has been dealing with body image issues all of her life and is an amazing resource for women of all ages struggling with this issue.


The Benefits of Exercise in the Battle Against Cancer

Benefits of Exercise | NiqueWear

Nique continued with an exercise program during chemotherapy and wants to share her results with you.  If you are a fitness professional, lifelong fitness expert, or want to learn more about how she was able to workout during her chemotherapy, you have to see this lecture.