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Breast Cancer & Nique, Inc was established during Nique’s second battle with breast cancer and was formerly known as “Breast Cancer & Me.”
Nique has been working on educating the nursing industry at all levels.  RN’s, LPN’s and CNA’s are part of the patient care team and Nique’s concept includes the team approach to treating the person behind the illness with alternative therapy.
Nique is available to assist you personally, as a two time breast cancer survivor, Veteran of the USMC, Master’s Degree in Nursing Leadership, and Cannabis Patient, Nique understands first hand the concept of “servant leadership” and building “Teams” from both sides of the industry.
A true motivator who started in the industry as a candy striper (a hospital volunteer) at 14 years old and worked her way through the trenches, both professionally and personally battling the very system that she worked in.  After losing everything Nique decided to be the voice for nurses and patients who are faced with life threatening and debilitating illnesses.
Nique is available to speak at your next event, department or institution to see how alternative therapy can be a part of you individualized treatment plan. 

Cannabis Nurse Navigator | Nique Pichette MSN, RN

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