Photograph of Monique Pichette

“Soul searching” ~ Europa Photography

Two-time cancer survivor and let’s face it – a survivor of life.  My life has been a series of ironic, tragic, and ultimately heroic events.  Can you relate to this? A single 30 something year old female with an “emotionally reactive” eating disorder and struggling image issues gets a breast augmentation to impress the opposite sex, only to have the breast implants removed 10 years later due to a diagnosis of breast cancer, with the implants being the saving grace in the eyes of her oncologist?  How about a woman who once contemplated taking her own life at age 16, who at one point lost custody of her children, lost her home, was divorced not once but three times, lost her job, lost her soul mate and eventually her father; but when given the green light to die because of cancer decided instead to fight for her life instead of letting cancer end it?  Sound too far-fetched?  Well, this is my life – ironic, tragic, heroic, and 100% real.  Sit back, fasten your emotional seat belt because the journey to the bottom of my soul gets a little bumpy at times.

My blog site is updated every few days.  In my blog, I share past experiences with body images, surviving chemotherapy, and struggling to find peace in my life.  I share current events that I am so proud to be a part of – fundraising and mentoring programs that are really making a difference.  Also, I want you to know what is in my very near future and how you can be a part of my success story, which I continue to write every day I am breathing.   I post my blogs on my Facebook page – Niquewear – so feel free to catch up with me there and don’t forget to like, comment, and share with others.

Yours in good health,

Nique Pichette