Cancer & Body Image

Cancer changes us from the inside out. Sometimes the changes are seen; like hair loss, anorexia, swelling, and jaundice. Other times the changes cannot be seen; like pain, nausea, exhaustion, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. This group will allow us to talk about what has affected us and how to overcome the physical and emotional changes that cancer puts on our bodies.


Cannabis Culture

Cannabis works in combination with the endocannabinoid system utilizing the receptors from your brain to create natural change. The TCH/CBD from the cannabis plant work in conjunction with our receptors to help patients with pain, muscle spasms, seizures, cancer, anorexia, cachexia, and glaucoma to name a few. If interested in learning more about this plant, come share two hours a month with us, and together we cna provide education to assist with eliminating some of the concern with the use and administration of cannabis. If this was your last option, would you try it?


My Bucket List

Join us for two hours a month to learn more about your “bucket list”. The support that you take away from this group might give you the courage to start working on your own personal bucket list and making your dreams a reality, one step at a time.


Caregiver Recognition

Does anyone understand the impact of the illness on those around you, on those who care for and love you? Emotions and physical changes occur in our caregivers too and this group will be a place for caregivers to come and learn ways to cope with the intensity of these changes, some of which are so difficult to handle alone.