is pleased and privileged to partner with the non-profit Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (, to share their educational materials, and to support the services that provides to women all across America. Logo


For over 35 years, has provided free community outreach workshops on preventing breast cancer through diet and lifestyle, as well as continuing education programs for nurses on breast health. The Center has also provided free individualized telephone coaching and resources for more than 14,000 breast cancer patients seeking to minimize treatment side effects, enhance quality of life, improve nutritional and immune status and/or prevent recurrence.

Moreover, since 1977, has provided prevention education for over 60,000 prevention-seekers and telephone support for nearly 30,000 patients with all types of cancer. Click hereto enjoy access to the Center’s website, learn about its services, read hundreds of educational articles, browse its e-store, explore outstanding resources, subscribe to its free newsletter, learn how you can get involved, and/or make a donation.