Author: Nique

“Nursing Bringing Positive Change to Cannabis”

I have learned that life is a journey. A journey that is filled with happiness and sadness, laughter and tears, life and death and then there is a balance. That balance comes from understanding the emotional journey that we as humans partake in. There are some things in life that we are able to choose, but we don’t always have control of our emotions. Sometimes this is due to the inability to separate rational and irrational thoughts, and there are some who would argue that it is the way we are wired. I would often have these discussions with...

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“The Placenta”

It has been a transformation at so many levels being accepted into the Summer 2016 Accelerator program at  I had never “pitched” my business before.  Nique-Wear and Breast Cancer & Nique, Inc evolved on a journey of healing.  There was no business plan, no customer segments, no projected revenue proposals.  It was established on a second diagnosis of breast cancer.  Just like Nique-Wear, my cancer had no significant platform either.  In the eyes of my oncology team at Dana Faber in Boston, Ma I was only determined to have a 4% chance of the big “C” lurking it’s...

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“Look Inside”

In reflecting on the events of the past few days, I can’t help think of the life I’ve lived over the last 25 years. Although I am 48 years old, my life was changed forever with the birth of my son. My son was born to Marine Corps parents. I am white, and his dad is black. I was so young. I didn’t think so, but at 23 years old I was so naive to the world and the views of the people in it. It was a difficult one for my parents to accept. My parents where born...

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Entrepreneurs For All

I found my way to this incredible program, by accident.  I had reached out to one of my survivor sisters, Amy Reichbach who is an attorney in Massachusetts, looking for assistance in getting the non-profit side of my business up and running.  Amy was kind enough to forward me a list of attorneys who specialize in the non-profit world and I started by calling UMass Dartmouth’s Law program where they have free services for people needing assistance.  Unfortunately, there is quite a lengthy waiting period at the University.   I continued down the list and saw the name of Linnea Micheal, Esq., President and CEO of the Legal Center for Nonprofits, Inc.  I left her a phone message with my eagerness to speak to her and later that day she returned my call. Our initial conversation was heartfelt, and we decided to set up a meeting to more formally discuss this in person.  The day we met I was filled with anticipation and questions.  My experiences within the court system had been in family court.  This process was so different.  Linnea sat with me and explained   the adventure that I would be on in pursuing a non-profit business at the federally approved level.  Her passion for what she does and helping others chase their dreams was so inspiring.  I knew I had made the right decision, and...

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“The Long Arm”

I was fortunate enough to attend another “EforAll’ workshop today.  It is always exciting to learn and grow, especially when surrounded by a room full of entrepreneurs and mentors that simply want to succeed, or encourage success.  One of the speakers was an attorney.  He used the term “long arm”.  It stood out to me.  If I understood the term correctly, it starts by building a strong business foundation based on integrity and character.   When a company is true to its mission and purpose it has a stronger chance of longevity, and an impressive “long arm”. The “long...

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