Author: Nique

Think Versus Feel

  It had been a long day of meetings and traveling when I got a text message to confirm my massage appointment while I was in Hollywood.  I honestly thought he was going to forget.  I’ve never been that “trophy’ piece. Never really felt that I fit in much in the world of feminine beauty and  societies media driven market of what a “real woman’ is, so I must say I was surprised that he remembered me.  My second meeting of the day was running late, as was his, so we agreed to meet at 5:30pm at his studio....

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Life, Death, Choices

“Gun violence is real, they don’t come back.” ~ Stevie Wonder I had to take some time to process the shooting that took place on Thursday night when my friend Tony was visiting.  As I sat on my balcony last night I had to sit back and listen, watch, try to make sense of the chaos that was surrounding me. They have found that using cannabis within the first 24 hours of a traumatic event can help with PTSD, so I tried it.  As I sat on my balcony I smoked some cannabis as I watched the cars going...

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“We All Have A Story”

My passion in nursing has always been in the geriatric and psychiatric specialties.  I have been told throughout my career that I wasn’t a “real” nurse, because I never worked in the hospital.  Throughout my adult life I was also told I wasn’t a “real” woman.  I see in the geriatric community, the medical professionals looked to our aging population as not “real” candidates to treat anymore, and most definitely in the psychiatric population, the diagnosis’s aren’t considered “real” by some in the medical community, especially when it comes to addiction or personality disorders.  So today, I decided to...

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Canna-Gasm: “Oh No You Didn’t”

                  I grew up in a home where sexuality was taboo.  There was no such thing as public display of affection, you “saved” yourself for marriage, and sex was simply for procreation.  I was “briefed” at 13 years old by my mother about the “birds and the bees”, which included but was not limited to the day I might happen to get my period, what intercourse was, perhaps a minute on where babies come from……..and then it was NEVER to be spoken of again.  EVER! I graduated high school a virgin....

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“Don’t Look Back”

Life is a journey that starts the day we are born.  I was born into a generational gap in which the world appeared to be so different.  Now that I am older and have experienced some of life’s tragedies and triumphs I understand that there is no generational gap.  It is just a nice way to cover the stupidity and ignorance of our years young.  I would often tell my children, “You cannot put a 48 year old head on an 18 year old body, or what ever age I just happened to be when they did not have...

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