The art of microdosing in the medical application of cannabis. Microdosing is where the education and the healing powers use the entourage effect of both CBD and THC to self micro dose cannabis. There have been no deaths reported by cannabis, because this natural plant teaches us how to heal ourselves from within. There is most definitely a difference between recreational cannabis and medical cannabis, and I am sorry if I have offended anyone. Cannabis has also helped me understand that if you feel rejected or insecure, look at the source of the energy around you, and listen to your intuition. Cannabis has given me the ability to look inside my soul and truly understand where the negative thoughts and feelings are coming from. Those feeling that I was taught I had to suppress.

Heather Manus is my mentor, but she is also my healer. That is another huge difference between cannabis and Western medicine. We are raised to believe that our Doctors are our Gods. My mother, who is 88 years worshipped her doctors, as did my father. Today, there are doctors afraid of cannabis, and perhaps for this very reason. Doctors, as we become educated, are not being worshipped as much anymore. If you continue to be intrigued by my opinion, because that is all it is, you would see that there is a difference between a Doctor and a Healer, and maybe todays physicians need to go back to their oath, go back to healing.  Medicine has become a business.  The human touch is being lost.

Heather has shown me that a Healer works on your layers along with all of your organs. Heather has taught me, by giving me the tools, how to heal from the inside out. I have had many different doctors; psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, ob/gyns, orthopdics, plastic surgery, oncology, I can’t even remember them all. None of them looked to the root cause, even though thats what doctors are taught, root-cause analysis.  All I mean is that roots are deep and strong.  If not totally eliminated, they can regrow, as in weeds or like cancer. If the physicians would have looked for the root cause of my pain they would have found the endocannabinoid system.  Have you ever heard of a deficiency in the endocannabinoid system?  Why are we so afraid to talk about it?

So who do If sue for taking away the last 33 years of my life? No one, because I was blessed to take this personal journey through Western medicine into holistic healing to make me a true believer.  Nature Nurse Health;  treating the mind, body and spirit.  Western Medicine and Holistic medicine together can be the powerful answer to the future of healthcare.  For years we have spect so much money on research.  It would be fascinating to research the synergy between Western Medicine and Holistic Healing and follow patient outcomes.  The human spirit is a powerful tool to wellness.  Thank you for the doctors who got me this far on my medical journey and to those who are now healing my soul.  We don’t have to create a division in care services, but embrace the beauty of a team made up of all the components to wellness.  That is why I was fascinated and created the Cannabis Nurse Navigator.  You can’t spell healTHCare without THC.

You can read about one aspect of the journey in 1000 Watts magazine this month and watch the exciting healing powers of microdosing with Nature Nurse and what it has done for my health.