Year: 2016

The Greatest Positive-Negative

I have learned that the importance of self acceptance and understanding will help to create a microcosm of wellness and balance from within. When we allow the negative opinions of others to influence the direction of our path, we can be led in a direction which creates inner turmoil versus inner peace and understanding. There is only one exact copy of each of us and that sets us apart with our unique individuality. We all have had numerous amounts of life interactions; some positive, some negative, some indifferent, but each of these interactions brings about a change in our...

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Cannabis Education: It’s OK To Be Me

I started my journey in Alternative medicine when I was struggling through chemotherapy treatments, battling my second breast cancer diagnosis in 18 months. I kept getting research articles sent my FB page, that was then called “Breast Cancer & Me”. There was one advocate that continued to follow my journey, Steve Placek. After being allergic to all the traditional nausea medications, I figured I would look into this research further. As a Director of Nursing at the time, I was scared. I feared losing my nursing license. I feared being judged. I continued to try to learn more about...

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Nique-Wear 2016: Integrity, Insight, Inspire

Integrity, Insight and Inspire became my three “eye’s” for 2016. The eyes make us better to see with. At forty seven years old and two breast cancer battles behind me, I have come to know the human definition of these three eye’s. I’ve lived them, I’ve known them, and I’ve come to be one with them. Integrity, to me has come to mean the complete, honest truth. Hurtful as it can be, so hurtful can it be without. My integrity has not always been where it should be, and I have come to realize there is a world that comes within our choices. Hence; “We reap what we sow.” Insight in it’s human form has come to me to be known as the ability to look inside oneself and admit that there are some pieces that need fine tuning. Yes, some of us may need a little more tweaking than others, but it is important to have it. To understand our triggers, our demons, our life experiences that have changed us. Remember, not always where these poor choices for the negative. There has been significant growth within those whom have made poor choices. Inspire, to me in it’s humanly fashion, has become to mean the ability to be responsible for igniting a positive force into another human being. Simply, make someone feel good about themselves. Nique-Wear 2016 is about...

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