Year: 2016

“The Long Arm”

I was fortunate enough to attend another “EforAll’ workshop today.  It is always exciting to learn and grow, especially when surrounded by a room full of entrepreneurs and mentors that simply want to succeed, or encourage success.  One of the speakers was an attorney.  He used the term “long arm”.  It stood out to me.  If I understood the term correctly, it starts by building a strong business foundation based on integrity and character.   When a company is true to its mission and purpose it has a stronger chance of longevity, and an impressive “long arm”. The “long...

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The History of Nique-Wear

Nique-Wear and Breast Cancer & Nique, Inc. My journey started in May of 2013.  It was just before Mother’s Day when I received the news of my second diagnosis of breast cancer.  It came back with a vengeance as a small, hard lump on one of the scar lines under my left arm.  Each time cancer comes back, it comes back more aggressive than the first time, so my treatment team at Dana Faber developed my treatment plan, which would consist of 16 weeks of chemotherapy and 33 treatments of radiation to my left chest wall.  This is where...

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The Inside Look At War

Breast Cancer & Nique, Inc. will be writing a weekly article to honor a veteran from the local communities until Veterans Day November 11, 2016. This project was influenced by the Boston Tough Ruck that I completed a few weeks back with my nephew Gregory Buffington, a combat war veteran from Afghanistan. As Greg and I started our morning as part of Team #22 Kill under the leadership of Heather A. Vivieros, we were honored yet saddened in learning of the two soldiers from Fall River in which we dedicated our ruck to: SPC Scott Andrews and Sgt Robert...

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Aging: A Wisdom Like No Other

I spoke at the Brookline Senior Center Friday Night in Brookline , Mass. There where about 60 people in attendance, 50 of whom where “seniors”, our aging population. I started in healthcare at 14 years old. A candy-stripper, a volunteer. I wanted to do nothing else than to spend my time with people who were not feeling well in attempts to offer some service such as company, a walk, or a friendly smile. I was awarded for my dedication to volunteering, as I spent many hours of my week helping others see the positive side of their hospital stay....

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Reflections of Days Past

It was May of 2013 and I was living in Narragansett, RI when I heard the words again, “You have cancer, I’m sorry.” I walked across the street to the beach, sitting on the bench overlooking the water so I could talk to my dad. You see, he was in heaven now, but I know that he travels the oceans, I can feel him there. So he was the first person I told. Just he and I. And oh did I cry. Then….I embraced it. In my world of broken relationships and shattered dreams, I embraced it. I truly...

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