"Its A Good Life if you Don't Weaken."

“Its A Good Life if you Don’t Weaken.”

Throughout my life I heard through my intense therapy and counseling about the concept of believing in yourself and learning to truly love yourself, but I didn’t understand it at the deepest level.  Having the opportunity to relocate to California was a gift.  A gift that helped me sit with myself and my choices and take time to reflect on the lost opportunities and the ongoing personal abuse and destruction of myself.  The “Why” that I learned through the business program at Entrepreneurs For All forced me to look at for what reason or purpose did I create Nique-Wear, which in turn has helped me to look at the “Why” of my very existence.  We often develop a frustration when children learn to talk and there constantly responding with, “but why?”, often to be followed with an adult response of, “because I said so”.  The innocence of a child is where we have to revert to.  Why did I make the choices that I have?, Why am I here?, Why am I so scared?, Why do I care?.  There are so many “WHY’s”.  So I have decided to start today with a business canvas of my life.  Who have been my customer segments?  What is my life value proposition, channels, customer relationships?  Where is my personal revenue stream?  Who and what are the key resources, key activities and key partnerships in my life? Most importantly, the cost structure.  What did it cost to get here?  As I reflect I realize it cost me everything, and that my friend is how we become successful in life.  Just be careful as to what you define as success.

This restructuring of my personal journey will unfold over the next 12 months.  I have decided to work on this personal foundation which requires overtime and the benefits have copays.  The cost of the copays is determined by the ability to provide programs within this model that will allow for growth in steps.  Each step broken down to an achievable and attainable goal.  Ironically there are 12 months in the year, so in a sense it will become my 12 step program.  Each month reviewing the outcome, wins and losses.  Eventually to become an individual corporate structure, and LLC of sorts. “Loving Life Choices”.

Reflections of a Cannabis Nurse,