In the past twelve weeks I was in a group of people who all had one common denominator, we had a dream.  We were a group of young entrepreneurs that knew they had a vision and a mission in making a change in this world.  We were a room with a range of social classes, a diversity of ethnicity, spirituality, and education.  We entered into a program that was providing monetary awards at the end for our businesses.  The amazing thing was though, that not once did we ever feel like the competition was there, well maybe a little.

We all helped each other network, share their wins, their fears, their reasons, their why?  We became a family, where at this point some of didn’t have much family left, but we blended more smoothly than a traditional family where the color of our skin, the money in the bank or the lack there of never seemed to get in the way.  We laughed, we cried, some of our businesses died, but we genuinely cared for the success of one another.  To me, I sincerely feel because each and every one of us knew what it was like to struggle, to be broken by this life in one form or another whether it was professionally or personal, we all had a story.

EforAll South Coast awarded us with so much more than money.  Shelley and Jeremiah always had a positive smile for the cohort and soft word for the broken.  For twelve weeks out of our lives we had the opportunity to be ourselves.  When the world outside just thinks that we are crazy, and asks  “where’s your 401K, where’s your health insurance, where’s your damn paycheck”, the fire inside would just grow stronger to achieve.  Behind these walls dreams came true, even it was just for a moment, one moment to feel accepted.

"Final Pitches Completed"

“Final Pitches Completed”

So many of us walk around this life feeling crazy, inadequate, scared, alone, and we portray to others a completeness and wellness, but how many of us truly do have that?  By the time we all came together we were in a microcosm of others who had experienced divorce, single parenting, diabetes, cancer, lyme disease, depression, suicidal ideation, alzheimers disease, and some, despair and death.  That’s just life. The connection was a force to be reckon with.  A unity.  These dreams contained the mission of giving back.  Education to nurses on cannabis as quality medicine, scholarships to award students for academic achievement, global clean water program, yes global.  Free art program for children, bowls of food from multicultural cuisine, overcoming suicidal ideation to saving the environment, quality family time and alternative therapy using cut flowers where amongst your choices.  Diversity at its best, and you want me to choose?

How do you compare cannabis as medicine to A’s before J’s, or The Blue Water Institute to Creative Oasis, or The Noodle Bowl to Let’s Write Life, or Victornee to One and Done and then the Blooming Artisan who by this point we could all use some flower.  We all won.  You can’t put a price tag on having a moment to believe in yourself.  Wisdom is gained by the books we read and the people we meet.  Best to all of you tonight, and may the world be blessed with all of our beautiful minds.


~ Nique