"Eforall.org Summer Cohort 2016 Mid-Pitch"

“Eforall.org Summer Cohort 2016 Mid-Pitch”

I found my way to this incredible program, eforall.org by accident.  I had reached out to one of my survivor sisters, Amy Reichbach who is an attorney in Massachusetts, looking for assistance in getting the non-profit side of my business up and running.  Amy was kind enough to forward me a list of attorneys who specialize in the non-profit world and I started by calling UMass Dartmouth’s Law program where they have free services for people needing assistance.  Unfortunately, there is quite a lengthy waiting period at the University.   I continued down the list and saw the name of Linnea Micheal, Esq., President and CEO of the Legal Center for Nonprofits, Inc.  I left her a phone message with my eagerness to speak to her and later that day she returned my call.

Our initial conversation was heartfelt, and we decided to set up a meeting to more formally discuss this in person.  The day we met I was filled with anticipation and questions.  My experiences within the court system had been in family court.  This process was so different.  Linnea sat with me and explained   the adventure that I would be on in pursuing a non-profit business at the federally approved level.  Her passion for what she does and helping others chase their dreams was so inspiring.  I knew I had made the right decision, and after our meeting came to an end, she told me about Entrepreneurs For All.  I was humbled that she even mentioned this to me, but she believed in what I was doing, so after I left I did some research.

I soon made an appointment to meet with Shelley Cardoos, the Executive Director of the program to learn more.  First impression was not the best I must say, as I went to 1213 Purchase Street in Fall River and not new Bedford.  I rescheduled for a few days later and we sat down to talk about the program.  It was so exciting.  I couldn’t wait to go home and apply.

The deadline was coming closer and I started to receive emails from Jeremiah Hernandez who is the program manager.  It was so humbling.  I was really being considered for a spot in this program.  I returned to Groundworks in New Bedford for and interview in front of a panel of judges and soon received my email that I was accepted.  Although this is a competition in a sense as there is prize money to win, I felt that I had already won.  Another group of individuals who believed in what I was doing.  Never knew the intensity that this program had to offer.

Tuesday night we had our mid-pitch contest.  I had worked 11pm – 7am the night before.  I was counting down the hours until our mid-pitch, utilizing all the hours of classes that we had already completed and soaking up the words of wisdom that was suggested to me by my mentors Fred Rice, Scott Lima and Ben Ortega.  I need to reconstruct a table, redesign my pitch and do it all on no sleep and with an abundance of confidence.  I was getting really nervous, and then I put it all into perspective and said, “Nique, you survived two battles of Breast Cancer, your a Marine, ~ just breath.”

Justin Estrella from”Just Your Way” donated some newly designed business cards, Paul and Linda Voboril from Paul’s Press in Tiverton, RI helped me create a laminated board to display the additional direction to Nique-Wear that eforall has helped me with.  As the clock was ticking away, I just couldn’t believe all that I had already been through to get here.  Humbled, I was to say the least.  As I reflected on the past few weeks I saw EforAll as a “Business Bootcamp”.  As a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps I feel the philosophy of eforall can be compared to military bootcamp.  The program and mentors provide education and direction to new businesses.  Eforall helps one see if they have the desire and viable idea for a successful business, provide one with the tools of how to get there, and the program either makes or breaks you, as did the Marine Corps.

My mentors have encouraged me to utilize my 21 years of my nursing, combined with my advanced practice nursing, in my advocacy and education in delivering Medical Cannabis Therapeutics as a valid treatment option.   Whether alone or in combination with traditional medicine, as a Cannabis Nurse Navigator I will assist you through all angles within your plan of care.  From insurance companies to sitting with your loved one, I will be your voice, as each and everyone of has a different perception of “quality of life” and as your navigator I will help you find what that is for you.   This is why the Cannabis Nurse Navigator has unfolded through the team work of those involved in this program.  In the next 6 weeks, follow my journey.

Yours in good health,

Nique Pichette MSN, RN