I started my journey in Alternative medicine when I was struggling through chemotherapy treatments, battling my second breast cancer diagnosis in 18 months. I kept getting research articles sent my FB page, that was then called “Breast Cancer & Me”. There was one advocate that continued to follow my journey, Steve Placek. After being allergic to all the traditional nausea medications, I figured I would look into this research further. As a Director of Nursing at the time, I was scared. I feared losing my nursing license. I feared being judged. I continued to try to learn more about this medicine, this plant, this alternative approach to wellness that throughout my whole life I was told “NO” ~ stay away from drugs!

"Caregiver, inspiration to accept alternative medicine."

“Caregiver, inspiration to accept alternative medicine.”

As I learned about the process to acquiring my medical marijuana card, I stumbled across B & B consulting in Warwick, RI. I called to inquire about obtaining my medical marijuana card. I emailed them my medical records from Dana Faber. I booked and went for my appointment. I was told that “cancer” is a qualifying condition and my application was approved by one of their physicians. The process began. My two hundred dollars was collected, two caregivers were checked off, and the lengthy wait in the Rhode Island Medial Marijuana Program started. B & B Consulting made the process comforting, and my anxiety of becoming a patient was lessened. Now the wait, as I continued to endure my biweekly chemotherapy infusions, wondering if this was all just a bad dream.

During the process I met Chappy. He helped me understand the benefits of this medicine, how to use it, and how to dose with it. He was also a Veteran. He understood my concerns regarding my professional life and he understood where I was at in my treatment; bald, frail, and exhausted. I continue to work with Chappy today, as we share seats on the Board of directors for the Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association. He attended my recent fundraiser at The Cove Restaurant in Fall River, Ma, raising money and awareness for a patient battling cancer and fighting the disease with medical cannabis. He continues to work in the trenches with the utmost compassion for the patients and caregivers that he works with. The donations that Chappy has made to the industry are humbling. The contributions that Chappy has made to my life leave me speechless.

"Caregiver, Colleague, Veteran, Friend"

“Caregiver, Colleague, Veteran, Friend”

As I have grown on this journey of alternative medicine and treatments, I met Richard Haines. Well, we have not had the pleasure of meeting in person yet as he resides in Colorado, but through social media, emails and phone calls, he invited to be part of his medical advisory team at MDHerb. As the CEO of this incredible organization he brings the message of “Empower, Educate, and Embrace”, and as a patient battling Crohn’s Disease and the ill effects, he knows the positive relationship of this plant personally.



Through this journey I left Rhode Island and now reside in Massachusetts. I was able to obtain my medical card through CannaCare Docs. A positive group of physicians and nurse practitioners that also believe in the value of this plant. I have joined the American Cannabis Nurse’s Association, I have received my cannabis nurse certification through Patients Out of Time, and I will continue to help change the ignorance surrounding this valuable plant. We do not always understand what our choice may be until we are faced with a life altering illness. Cancer changed me.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.
~ Bruce Lee

Yours In Good Health,