Year: 2016

“Dear Santa”

    I’ve never been truly alone at Christmas. I am not without some friendships and blessings as the circle of life has blessed me with the opportunity to chase my dreams in California, but it is not without sacrifice. I have no family here. I understand that family does not, and is not always blood, but in this time of reflection my heart aches for my family. Life is humbling like that. When we “have” we don’t understand until we “have not”. I visit patients in their homes and I see their holiday spirit. The presents, the traditions,...

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What’s Your Business Canvas Look Like?

Throughout my life I heard through my intense therapy and counseling about the concept of believing in yourself and learning to truly love yourself, but I didn’t understand it at the deepest level.  Having the opportunity to relocate to California was a gift.  A gift that helped me sit with myself and my choices and take time to reflect on the lost opportunities and the ongoing personal abuse and destruction of myself.  The “Why” that I learned through the business program at Entrepreneurs For All forced me to look at for what reason or purpose did I create Nique-Wear,...

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“I’m An Addict”

I have been in California since October 28, 2016. I have been searching for this inner peace and tranquility that will help me to understand the chaos that once drove my passion. Learning to understand yourself is so much more complicated than helping others. When you take the time to understand your own behaviors it slowly starts too make sense. I have been attracted throughout my lifetime to help others with addiction. It did not matter what the addiction was. It was the personality of an addict that I was drawn to. “An addictive personality is a set of...

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“Chasing Dreams”

I must say that my life has been in such turmoil for many years now, between impulsive relationships, battling an eating disorder, fighting not only one, but two breast cancer diagnosis the challenge has been real. I have come to realize though, that the greatest challenge was inside myself. I never liked the image of the person looking back at me. I adored my soul and what I stood for, but society doesn’t give much credit to the soul. The majority of life situations start with how you look, and I was always uncomfortable with that. There is some...

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Honesty is NOT the best policy

“”And though the waves might bring you down and though the currents might pull you under, the sky is always right above you. And your friends will show you the way”                ~ I wrote This For You Growing up with those words ringing in my mind, “honesty is the best policy”, creates chaos from within that continues to surface as I watch the world unfold through these adult lenses. There are many of us who don’t like to hear the truth. We have become a society of “sugar coating”, and “political correctness”,...

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