I recently attended The International Canna Pro Expo 2015 in Orlando, Florida.  The conference was  “where the Health Care Community and Medical Cannabis Industry leaders network and learn about the Science of Cannabis.  In the Medical Cannabis Industry, education is critical. In today’s world, the Business and Medical Cannabis Community is surrounded by myths and false information.” As a nurse and 2 time cancer survivor, I continue to learn about the endocannabinoid system and the entourage effect.  My professional goals are to try and help others who are dealing with end of life care options, quality of life options, and alternative health options understand the benefits of this plant.  I was asked by a couple in the elevator heading up to the conference, “Why does it matter?  It’s all going to be legal for recreational anyway.”  My response was loud and proud and I have never felt more confident uttering these words: “I need to continue to educate myself so I can continue to work with the medical population of patients that have come to this path when all traditional medicine has failed.”

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Patients with tremors, muscle spasms, cancer, and debilitating pain issues are some examples that I have spoken to and worked with regarding the benefits of cannabis.  If it is benefiting the patient and increasing their quality of life, this is my dream result as a caregiver.  Life experiences can alter our opinions of what is and what should be, and when you are confronted with treatment options and quality of life, I feel, unless it effects you personally, you just have no room saying what you would or would not do. I have come to understand an alternative form of treatment that comes in a plant form that has generated some much attention in the medical world.  Cannabis, or for the majority, marijuana.  If my life wasn’t affected by cancer for a second journey in 2013, I most likely would have never been a part of this, but life has a way of changing us.

As I have been learning and networking here at the conference in Florida I was also notified that I have a seat on the inaugural board of directors for the cannabis business alliance of Massachusetts.  To be able to work with professionals in the industry is so humbling.  I want to give a large “Thank You” to Chapman Dickerson and Steve Placek for teaching me about the industry, the medicinal benefits that enhanced my quality of life and the ongoing encouragement of my battle with breast cancer and my advocacy in helping others.

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My plane leaves for New England tomorrow.  I had the opportunity to share the experience with my future sister in law, Terri Medeiros, who has been by my side with fundraising, advocacy, and helping me get Nique-Wear/Breast Cancer and Nique off the ground.  Today also starts a new chapter in our active wear line as Bobby McCarthy meets with “Just Your Way” this afternoon to bring Nique-Wear to a wider range of customers. 

Proudly edited and moderated by Noel P. Roby, The North Kingstown Marketing Company