It’s amazing how we are connected by our souls.  My journey has brought me to a place in my life where the connections have such depth.  It’s almost like life’s deja vu.  It makes me feel that I am at the right place at the right time.  Or that somehow, in speaking with other cancer patients, I am right back to where I was some time ago – in the hospital beds, in the treatment phases, in the fight for my life.  There have few people in my life that truly understand my drive, because it was always hidden by a world of insecurities and a lifetime of poor choices. But this story, my story, my life, this blog, sharing it with my friends on social media and the world, sharing my true self to others is enlightening.  To give others the ability and power to push you down deeper from those mistakes, yet I am at a place of healing and my work and dreams are what keep pushing me forward.  I only hope I can help others the way my dad helped me.  Thanks for that Pops.

With that being said, I embrace my new journey with Nelly.  Our bond can only get stronger.  My dedication to helping others has always gotten me in discord with my family, but my two children are no longer under my roof, and Bobby has grown enough to understand the bond that Nelly and I have.  It’s not about being a nurse, Nelly. It’s about being in your life to help you, one cancer patient to another, understanding the treatment and understanding the fear.  Just breathing fresh air, so you won’t forget what it smells like.  Wondering with every new pain or symptom “is it back.”  Is Cancer back?


I wanted to work with cancer patients at Dana-Farber, where I was treated in the “Soul Sister Program.”  I was called and accepted for the interview, and when they found out that I was a patient and an advocate for medical marijuana they denied me a position.  Thank you Nelly, Laura, and Joshua for allowing me to be so vocal and give an alternative option to cancer treatments when all pharmaceutical agents have failed.  Don’t judge until you have walked in our shoes.

“It’s a good life if you don’t weaken” Team N & N 💕