I’ve been in the hospital for the past two days.  Not due to my history of cancer, but due to a severe asthma attack which put me into respiratory distress.  As I rest here in my hospital room, I am working, writing, thinking, growing, and trying to figure out how to succeed in this world.  Success has a different definition to us all, and I want to say that my success is measured in becoming a better person, a caring soul, selfless, an internal strength that shines from within.
As most who read my blog know, I recently started a business venture.  It is not to become financially wealthy, but to provide support, education and advice to others based on my background in nursing but also my mistakes, my flaws, my insecurities.  Maybe I can save one person by helping them make a better choice on those difficult life decisions. In my past, when I came to a fork in the road, I never had the strength to understand what direction to go in.  I didn’t let my inner strength and beliefs guide me.  Rather, I listened to the voices of others.  And I am here to tell you, the path was at times so difficult, I am amazed to say that I have made it. I lived a world of self destruction, afraid to believe in who I was.  Then I met The North Kingstown Marketing Company, and my life changed.  Although some of the players have changed, the constant on that path has been Noel P. Roby. My business partner who has assisted me in believing in who I am.
Noel has taught me to understand a little more about the world of business. I am still learning, more and more every day.  And I am blessed to have a business and life partnership with Bobby McCarthy.  My partnership with Bobby is of course more intense because he is my fiance’, but together we will continue to grow and understand the course and the direction our future is going.  Noel has provided the financial backing to make NiqueWear possible.  He also edits all my writing and works within the community to create a strong foundation for NiqueWear.  The philosophy behind NiqueWear is attitude.  You have to believe in “you” to succeed, no matter what obstacle is put in your way. Sometimes we have to take a step back, because that obstacle is ourselves.
I recently connected with “Nelly”.  She is a seventeen year old girl fighting for her life.  In the short time we have known each other, she has showed me so much strength. This beauty that shines from the inside out.  Embracing life and the people around her.  Her attitude, she is the face of NiqueWear, she is what my product is all about.  Never give up, never quit, and always do it with a smile.  As my mom would say, “you might be crying on the inside, but always be smiling on the outside.”  The charitable side of NiqueWear is ‘Breast Cancer and Nique.’  Nelly has been chosen  through the Sarah Hayes memorial fund to be our patient in which all donations will be given too.  We are not like other organizations, 100% of all donations go to Nelly, as well as 5% of all the proceeds from the Niquewear line, accessories, and artwork displayed by Creative Expressions.