I am so humbled by our partner Noel P. Roby, ICE Agency, for allowing my dream to come true.  On Monday, July 6th, the doors to Breast Cancer & Nique and our exclusive line of clothing and merchandise – Nique-Wear- open at 9am.  It is located at 800 Davol St Unit #6 Fall River Ma.  Bobby McCarthy and I have been working hard with the 401 Studio in Wakefield, RI to continue to create new products for our Nique-Wear line.  There is so much more to this venture though.

As a two tome breast cancer survivor, a Veteran of the USMC, a master prepared nurse, certified cannabis nurse, and medical marijuana patient I will also be having weekly eductational and support groups.  These important groups are free of charge and we are accepting donations for the Sarah B. Hayes Memorial Fund.  Sarah was a beautiful woman, wife, mother, who, after spending a couple of days with each other, impacted my life forever.  Unfortunately, shortly after meeting Sarah, she passed away as her breast cancer came back with a vengeance.  Another person dear to me, Marie Hendrickson, a friend and mentor, passed away.  She had been in remission for 12 years.  Her cancer also came back with a vengence. The world has lost two of the most incredible women in Sarah and Marie.  The Sarah B. Hayes Memorial Fund was established to help patients and families with expenses that are accrued with cancer.  Insurance does assist, but it doesn’t cover gas back and forth to treatments, parking expenses, tolls food and at times lodging.  The bills don’t stop just because you have cancer.  It actually feels like they increase, as the disease cripples you from simple functioning.  Sarah’s memorial fund will assist with those in need.

The NiqueWear office opens its doors

My first group is on the Cannabis Culture.  It will take place Thursday, July 9th from 6-8pm. Education is so important in understanding the medical benefits of cannabis.  The understanding of administration, and the myth that  cannabis is a gateway drug. I hope to see some of you there.  Once a month we will have this group and guest speakers will discuss growing, cooking, laws, application process, qualifying conditions and more.  Fear sometimes is caused by ignorance.  Let’s learn together as we diminish the negative perception towards cannabis.

I also want to thank Celia Wolf who friended me during our radiation treatments at Dana Farber.  She believed in me and we had never met before.  The connection was powerful, and soon Celia was helping me work towards my goals, as a successful business woman herself, I felt honored that she also believed in me.

“You will only be hurt a finite number of times during your life. You have an infinite number of ways to deal with it.” ~ I Wrote this for You.

NiqueWear Fashion hanging in the office

Let Breast Cancer & Nique assist you with acceptance, understanding, and education.  With assistance from others, you too can learn to find that journey to the bottom of your soul.  Cancer patients, caregivers, family, friends:  If your life has been touched by cancer allow me to assist you reach down to find the “best” you.  It’s all in your attitude.

Yours in good health,