The second line of NiqueWear has come out.  The styles are hitting the gym scene with much enthusiasm.  They could also be used for active daily wear, yoga, cross fit, bicycling, you name itNique-Wear can help you.  Help you push through that last rep on the bench press.  Help you get up that last hill on your bike ride.  How?  The message “Don’t Weaken” resonates through my NiqueWear line.  Simply stated, dig deep when times are tough and push through your personal or emotional tests.  The other side is right there, go for it.

It is so exciting to see someone wearing my product line.  I’ll be honest.  I had my doubters with the pot leaf.  “Get rid of the pot leaf, you might sell more” they would say to me.  Well, the pot leaf represents the holistic approach to my cancer treatments and cachexia.  It doesn’t mean that you have to use cannabis to wear NiqueWear.  Life is all about choice and this pot leaf just represents alternative choices.  This logo of the “pot” leaf has a very special meaning to me and thus, it is a big part of NiqueWear.


My Chief Financial Officer believes in this too.  It is about spreading awareness and education. Our goal with the NiqueWear lines and the educational seminars at my office in Fall River is to educate the public on alternative therapy when all else has failed.  We welcome those who are not in favor of what the medical marijuana industry is presenting and look forward to educating you on its benefits.  Working at Greenleaf Compassionate Care in Portsmouth, RI and attending the “Patients Out of Time” Conference in May 2015, I have witnessed patients testimonials of tumors shrinking or disappearing.  I have seen some of my patients wean themselves off significantly high doses of opiates.  I have seen a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Vietnam Vet be able to function in reality again, and not be crippled as badly by the effects of the war.


Education is the key to change ignorance and that is what NiqueWear will accomplish, one supporter at a time.  Don’t let fear get in the way of your right to pursue alternative therapy. For information on how to order merchandise, attend a seminar, or just find out more about my “Don’t Weaken” philosophy, contact me here through my website.

Yours in good health,
Nique MSN, RN
Certified Cannabis Nurse