I am humbled and proud to know an amazing artist with a very special talent. Laurie Pomposelli Cairone’s art class, Meditative Doodling, will be here in my Fall River office the last Sunday of the month from 4pm-6pm.  I believe it is July 26th this month.  Some of Laurie’s originals are on display at my office, with 5% of those proceeds also going to Sarah B Hayes Foundation to help patients and their families pay for expenses not covered by medical insurance.   Check myFacebook page for more information and how to sign up for Laurie’s class!!!

Here is a bio on the multi-talented Laurie Pomposelli Cairone:

Art. Creative expression. Healing. Soothing. A form of meditation. A way of expressing feelings sometimes without even knowing it. A form of relaxation. Brings meaning to my life. A way to clear my mind.

I was born and raised in Rhode Island of Italian descent with my Grandparents and Great Grandparents coming here from areas outside of Rome, Agropoli, and Itri. My Dad was a toolmaker and jewelry designer in the 1960’s. I remember him sketching very detailed pictures of the Bald Eagle and various jewelry designs. He would then transfer the designs to molds and produce belt buckles, jewelry, tools and so much more. A lost craft and art.


I have been creating art for over 30 years. I am mostly self-taught taking a drawing class in college along with some painting classes when my daughter was little. I have worked with watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and charcoal. My favorite mediums to work with are pastel and charcoal, and I enjoy working with shape manipulation to create abstracts. I became a nurse many years ago but have never given up my love for creating art. It has always been a way of winding down for me. A way to reflect and focus on life’s ups and downs and a way to come to terms with it all. Art is a hobby of sorts for me. It has always filled and soothed my soul. I have decided to now share some of my work to the outside world.


It has been stored in a box for years. I have never had the means to frame all of it and as I get older, I find the need to share it, especially with my Daughter. Art is for everyone. An art teacher once told me ”anyone can do art. you have to just train your eyes and mind” I continue to enjoy creating and find peace in my art work. It has carried me through happy times, through troubled times, and has been a way to keep busy and feel productive. When I have not felt well physically, picking up a pad and pencils was a way of distraction for me that provided comfort to me. Art can soothe. It can be a healthy outlet for stress. Try it sometime. We all need to be good to ourselves and find time for leisure and relaxation. Art has done that for me.