It was like a dream come true as Bobby and I got in the car to pick up Zach and head up to St

onington, Ct.  Kim, from Europa photography, llc has been my photographer since the first images of me bald and frail.  There is something in the way that we connect that she always has a way of helping me feel good in my own skin.  That in itself is magical.  And that is a feeling everyone should embrace!

Caryn was with me at a photo shoot with Kim for Bobby and I.  One we called the “Gatsby Shoot”.  Caryn is a stylist who owns Chromatics in Grafton, Ma and we had such a positive experience that first photo shoot.  She helped me adjust my wig and add accessories for the photo shoot and again Kim made everything come alive with her camera.  Caryn helps to hide the pain and bring out your story with beautiful images that can say more than any words.

Ali had done a Fourth of July photo shoot with Bobby and I on a random occasion when Kim just asked if we could all meet down in Newport.  As beautiful and “girlie girl” as Ali can be, she never made me feel less then then my beautiful self.  We joked.  We took pictures and enjoyed the ocean and the magic behind Kim’s camera.


Bobby in a Niquewear mens camo

Zach is in a member of the gym Bobby and I workout at.  He is young and had won the raffle for our Avon 39 Fundraiser, so I felt like he was a great fit to join us for the photoshoot.  Bobby and I wanted two models in their 20’s and of course, the two of us approaching, well what’s a number mean anyway??? Lol.

The makeup was done by Francesca Martinez.  Her uplifting spirit and energy just fit right in and soon us models were ready to take to be photographed.

I don’t know how and why people meet, but I am sincerely grateful to have all of you sharing this journey with me.  That journey to the bottom of your soul.  The ability to stay in the now and believe that there is a purpose for you and your story.

Niquewear Women's Varsity Tee 02 -$24.95

I hope that my struggles will eliminate even just one painful experience for someone else.

I hope you enjoy Nique-Wear.

Cami:  the pink and grey Cami’s our are signature shirts.  Bobby and I were both in the military as well as my dad.  My dad always called me Nique and his words are etched in the back, “It’s a good life if you don’t weaken”.

The pink and white varsity shirt has the number 43 which is the first time that I was diagnosed with cancer.  Pink symbolizes Breast cancer.

Niquewear Men's Tank Top 03 - $18.95


The men’s black tank is for the gym or casual dress.  Again, my dad’s words are incorporated to the design and I also wonder what medical marijuana would have done for his severe agitation and memory loss as he progressed through Lewy Body dementia with the speed of lightning.

I hope you understand and love Nique-Wear as much as I do.  It’s not just the clothes, it’s the story.