I just wanted to take a minute and thank Jason Ruel, the production coordinator of the I.C.E. Agency, for the assistance in getting my logo perfect. I am so many things – fitness nut, breast cancer survivor, medical marijuana advocate.  I wanted my logo to embody everything I am. And as you can see, my logo speaks volumes as to who I am.

Barbell: Represents my passion for working out.  Fitness has been an incredibly important part of my life and helped me build strength and courage to get through my second battle with breast cancer.  Sick as heck during chemotherapy, I still found strength through fitness and exercise.

Nique Strong

Pink Hands: Represent how I embraced my second fight with cancer.  The hands embrace my journey and are designed to lift me and my fellow cancer sufferers up to a place of positivity.

Arms: Represent my dedication to the United States Marine Corps, where “giving up” was never an option. I will never forget my drill instructors for instilling that mentality into me and my fellow Marines.  I especially have a deep gratitute for one my best friends Tamara Straub, who would never let me give up, nor I her.

Nique Pichette Mud Running

Marijuana Leaf: The marijuana leaf represents a holistic approach to care. Fact: Chemotherapy killed some of my cells, good and bad. But it didn’t kill my soul. I reached out to alternative therapies and discovered a home in the medical marijuana world.  I am an advocate for its medicinal usage and welcome any dialogue about its effectiveness to ease patient’s suffering.

Nique Pichette...jump strong

“It’s a good life if you don’t weaken.”