I just wanted to take a minute and thank Jason Ruel for the assistance in getting my logo perfect. I started with all of the elements, but on my way to the I.C.E. Agency one morning for a meeting I realized that there might be some issues and copyright on the pink breast cancer ribbon symbol.
Barbell: Represents my passion for working out. It has been my psychiatrist throughout my lifetime and helped me build strength and courage to get through my second battle with breast cancer.

Pink Hands: Represents how I embraced my second fight with this horrible disease as they embrace my journey and lift me up to finally see the beauty of one’s soul.

Arms: Represent the small time I dedicated myself to the United States Marine Corps, where giving up was never an option. I will never forget my Drill instructors for that or one my best friends Tamara Straub, who would never let me give up, nor I her.

Marijuana Leaf: The marijuana leaf represents a holistic approach to care. Chemotherapy kills all cells, good and bad, but it didn’t kill my soul and I reached out to alternative therapies due to my allergies to prescription nausea medications and significant weight loss, which I didn’t want to trigger my eating disorder, because that too was behind me now.

Even the I.C.E. Agency had some reservation, but when they saw my passion, my commitment to integrity, the foundation to what all my journey has been based upon, they embraced it too. I am raw, I am real, and as you learn more about me, you might even consider me a “hot mess”, or the last verbal interaction with my daughter’s father “emotional unstable”. We all have opinions, but it was we think of ourselves that really matter.

Thanks to my “sis”, Terry Medeiros, our girls night out with the family, discussing life…..I’m not broken. I dare you to walk the path that was often filled with potholes that I endured and continue to travel and still come out smiling.

In middle school I will never forget Chris Parker yelling out in front of the double classroom for music, “Hey Nique, if a man didn’t have feet, would he wear shoes?, then why do you wear a bra?…..Both full classroom laughed at me hysterically as I rounded my shoulders, hid back the tears and was humiliated as I walked to my chair. Hence my breast augmentation two decades later, and my mastectomy in 2011. What do you think of me know Chris.

I am just trying to say, “BE TRUE TO YOU”, no matter what age you are. I tried all those years to fit in, and while I did I destroyed myself from the inside out.

Thank You CANCER, I know you love me, by what you left behind.

“It’s a good life if you don’t weaken.”