The first real snowstorm of the winter and it is a blizzard. I hope those who are undergoing treatment are safe in the storm. I recall the hurricane in 2013. I had just had another round of my reconstructive surgery, and after returning home to Narragansett my daughter and I lost power for four days. There was no hot water to care for my new incision and drainage, but we got through it. It made me realize how much we take for granted.
Back then I guess I took for granted my relationship with my daughter, because she has also moved on and moved back with her father. It’s been over a year now, but on days like today I remember my childhood and that of my children. Those were the good old days, but life kept getting in the way.
I worry about my friend Marie who is actively going through chemotherapy again after being in remission for the past 8 years. I think of my friend Susan, who has been going through radiation treatments. I always understood the weather and sometimes having to work around the clock as a nurse during these emergencies and I have been reading about my old crew at Silver Springs who have been grateful for their relief after 16-20-24 hours. Being on the other end as a patient myself, it is such an incredible feeling to have someone there to be with you when you just feel, to say the least, crappy!
I’m not in traditional nursing at this time, but I just want to raise a glass and toast all the medical personnel out there who give their all for those who are ill, no matter what the circumstance.
I guess no gym today, I guess not much of anything today as I sit and type with my broken wrist, somewhat feeling bad that I’m not out there shoveling and part of me ecstatic that I can sit on the couch in my warm abode, looking out the window at my better half, freezing, to say the least.
“It’s a good life if you don’t weaken.”