Life is constantly changing

Birth, death and all in between is a concept that none of us will be without in this journey we call life. Today I have been overwhelmed with emotions from my daughter in law and my grand children leaving for Korea to be with my son, to brunch with the daughter of one of my residents who has passed, Esther. She grew up in Fall River, and at the young age of 91 yrs old I was fortunate enough to meet her, care for her and love her. She graduated from Morton Middle School as I had and BMC Durfee High School, and she always talked of Fall River and Almacs Diner.

My intention was to share breakfast with Esther when she was strong enough for me to take her, but time was not our friend. As I sat at brunch today it made me think of Esther and the laughs and the range of emotions that we had gone through together. Today as I look back, I wish I would have just thrown her in my car and taken the ride. I know her daughters would have been fine with that. Why am I talking about this? Because so often we let “life” get in our way. Fear can take us off course, and then parts of life start to unravel in front of you and you find another sense of what is important.

After my battle with breast cancer ended on November 7, 2013 I began looking at things differently. Being faced with the potential of death twice, I started to search my soul for what was and is important. Materialistically I have lost everything, but I have been so enriched by the people who have come in and out of my life. I actually feel bad for the people around me that value their worth on the size of there castle, the vehicle they possess, the toys and the size of their bank roll; but who could of brought that to the forefront more realistically than the recent loss of Robin Williams. How is success defined? and by whom?

Being true to yourself can steer your ship into totally different waters. As I take a look at my own life and those around me I wonder who is richer. That would be a debate that no one would win. It’s a personal journey, and as meme always says, “to each there own.”

As a nurse and having older parents, I have seen a lot of death in my lifetime. I have been comfortable around death for some reason, I guess because it equalizes all of us in a sense. In the end, we all end up the same.

Somebody should tell us,
right at the start of our lives, that we are dying.
Then we might live life to the limit,
every minute of every day.
Do it! I say.
Whatever you want to do, do it now!
There are only so many tomorrows.
-Pope Paul VI