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“We All Have A Story”

My passion in nursing has always been in the geriatric and psychiatric specialties.  I have been told throughout my career that I wasn’t a “real” nurse, because I never worked in the hospital.  Throughout my adult life I was also told I wasn’t...
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Canna-Gasm: “Oh No You Didn’t”

                  I grew up in a home where sexuality was taboo.  There was no such thing as public display of affection, you “saved” yourself for marriage, and sex was simply for procreation.  I was...
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“Don’t Look Back”

Life is a journey that starts the day we are born.  I was born into a generational gap in which the world appeared to be so different.  Now that I am older and have experienced some of life’s tragedies and triumphs I understand that there is no generational gap....
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“Dear Santa”

    I’ve never been truly alone at Christmas. I am not without some friendships and blessings as the circle of life has blessed me with the opportunity to chase my dreams in California, but it is not without sacrifice. I have no family here. I...
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What’s Your Business Canvas Look Like?

Throughout my life I heard through my intense therapy and counseling about the concept of believing in yourself and learning to truly love yourself, but I didn’t understand it at the deepest level.  Having the opportunity to relocate to California was a gift.  A...
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